2018 Aurora Prize Volunteers: “One can make a lot of difference”

2018 Aurora Prize Volunteers: “One can make a lot of difference”

This year, almost 200 volunteers participated in the Aurora weekend of inspirational events that took place in June 2018 in Armenia. Pre-eminent humanitarians, academics, philanthropists, human rights defenders, government officials, journalists and business leaders from around the world had gathered to celebrate the best of humanity and address today’s most pressing humanitarian challenges.

The 2018 Aurora weekend of events featured the Aurora Dialogues, open lectures, conversations with Aurora Humanitarians and Selection Committee members, and many more. The program culminated with a special trilogy – the Aurora Prize Ceremony, divided into three parts.

Earlier this year the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative has announced announce a call for volunteers to participate in this special weekend of events. Aurora was looking for responsible and energetic individuals, wishing to become part of an important international event in Armenia, contribute to the cause of humanity and gain unique experience.



More than 3000 people willing to donate their time and talents had applied, and 190 individuals from 6 countries were selected. The youngest Aurora volunteer was just 13 years old, but the majority of them were around 19. All volunteers got an opportunity to celebrate the human spirit and the wonderful work of people who put themselves at risk to save others.