The Aurora prize

Natalie Aroyan

Opera singer Natalie Aroyan is one of Australia’s finest sopranos. Though she leads a life of global travel and stage success, she remains acutely aware of her Armenian roots. She marked the centennial of the Armenian Genocide by writing and performing a new stage production, “An Armenian Journey,” at the Sydney Concert Hall.
Australian opera singer at home half a world away

Henry Morgenthau

Henry Morgenthau was a man with the courage to stand alone. As the US Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, appointed by President Wilson in 1913, Morgenthau found himself confronting a tide of reports detailing wholesale massacre across the Ottoman Empire.
Henry Morgenthau was a man with the courage to stand alone

Marianna Pogosyan

There is an inescapable spell of grief in the narratives of most Armenians who lived at the dawn of the 20th century. Every family, it seems, has a haunting story of loss. Everyone has a great-grandfather who had stared death in its callous jaws. Everyone has a great-grandmother who had buried a husband, a brother, a child, while resolving to survive with fierce dignity for the sake of the living. My family is no different.
Daughter of Armenia’s first ambassador to Japan on her family’s journey east of Ararat toward Fuji


Noubar Afeyan, the Co-Founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, presented the concept of "Global Armenians" at the 3 day events dedicated to the 110th Anniversary of the Armenian General Benevolent Union in New York. The presentation was made on October 28, during the panel “Becoming Global Armenians: The Way Forward.” Mr.


The Future for All Armenians Is Now

Historic Opportunity for Armenians to Unite and Together Enable Armenia’s Future

This weekend, the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), one of the oldest non-profit organizations in the U.S. and the world’s largest Armenian organization, celebrates its 110th anniversary in New York City. Underscoring this milestone is the extraordinary opportunity to reshape the future of Armenia, and to reflect on how every one of us can contribute toward a stronger Armenia tomorrow.


Mikhail Piotrovsky

Prominent Russian orientalist Mikhail Piotrovsky, the head of St. Petersburg’s State Hermitage Museum for over 20 years, was born in Yerevan. His interest in the Orient is no accident.
Director of the Hermitage Museum on the Armenian spirit

Brenda Vaneskeheian

Brenda Vaneskeheian, known by her stage name Bren Vaneske, is an Argentinian singer who has, in a short period of time, made great strides on the local musical underground scene. She performed at big festivals and opened for the legendary Argentinian band Attaque 77. In 2015, she released her album “Tiempo Real.” She claims to have inherited her proclivity and passion for the arts from her great-grandfather Avedis, an Armenian Genocide survivor.
Argentinean singer who never forgets her roots

Jacky Nercessian

Abraham Jacky Nercessian is a French actor of Armenian origin. He considers his identity to be the fruit of his life’s journey. “When I am asked about my emotional nationality, I say I am an Armeno-Anatolo-Greek from Saint Etienne and Paris!” he says.
An Armeno-Anatolo-Greek actor from Saint Etienne

Armenians Who Rock the World

Most music connoisseurs have heard of Komitas, but Armenians’ musical talents extend way beyond classics. Below is a selection of the world’s coolest Armenian rockers, meticulously prepared by our staff musician. Turn up the volume and enjoy!


Roots Shaping Worldviews

By Christopher Atamian

Intellectually curious and charming, Ian Bremmer has carved out a central place for himself in the American foreign policy establishment. He has become the go-to man of presidents and congressmen for strategic advice and balanced intelligence, especially when it comes to Russia and the former Soviet republics.  


A Beautiful Place

Armenia's Tavush Region, which borders Azerbaijan to the east and Georgia to the north, is one of the country’s greenest: the region is home to 40 percent of Armenia’s forests. With picturesque mountains, deep canyons, a soft climate and architectural monuments sprinkled throughout, the region is rightfully considered one of Armenia’s most beautiful landscapes.






“It’s time to show the power of what we feel.”