2018 Aurora Dialogues

2018 Aurora Dialogues

2018 Aurora Dialogues Yerevan “Inspire, Empower, Impact” took place in the capital of Armenia on June 9, 2018. The conference was made possible by the support of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and through the collaboration with the Global Perspectives Initiative (GPI).

Distinguished humanitarians, academics, philanthropists, business leaders and members of civil society convened in Armenia for the third annual Aurora Dialogues Yerevan, a series of penetrating discussions about the most pressing humanitarian concerns the world faces today. Aurora Dialogues Yerevan focused on the importance of learning from the past, acting in the present and fostering a better future.



Inform and Empower

Empower and Inspire

Impact: Achieving Sustainable Difference


2018 Aurora Dialogues Yerevan Additional Programming:

Conversation with 2018 Aurora Humanitarians

Stephen Kurkjian “Thirty Years Later: The Devastating Earthquake in Armenia that Shook the World”

Galvanizing the World: Aurora Humanitarian Project for UWC Schools and Colleges

Making Change When Change Is Hard: A Conversation with Ambassador Samantha Power and John Prendergast

Lord Ara Darzi “Innovation in Healthcare”

Conversation with 2018 Aurora Prize Laureate