Poet and Composer Marine Ales Pays Tribute to Victims of Genocide

Marine Ales is no stranger to the heartbreak the Armenian Genocide left in its wake. An acclaimed poet, signer, composer and the sister of 100 LIVES co-founder Ruben Vardanyan, Marine has joined forces with 100 LIVES to put on a series of concerts in Armenia, Georgia and Russia — evenings of music and poetry meant as tributes to the memory of Hmayak Vardanyan, Ruben and Marine’s grandfather and a Genocide survivor, as well as to the ancestors and descendants of all the Armenian families that suffered a great tragedy at the beginning of the 20th century.
The concerts were meant to reinforce and advance 100 LIVES' mission: to celebrate those who helped Armenians in need 100 years ago and to continue in their spirit by supporting people and organizations that keep the legacy of gratitude alive. During the performances, aptly titled “One of You…,” Ales told her own family’s bittersweet story. She shared memories of her grandfather, spoke to him and even wrote him a letter, bringing the audience along on a trip down the memory lane of his difficult and miraculous life journey. Like most Armenians’ ancestors, Hmayak Vardanyan fell victim to the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide. 
Marine Ales’ creative performances likewise attest to the perseverance of the Armenian spirit. “I’m impressed by the warm welcome the audience gave me. I could feel the energy and the silent encouragement in Gyumri, Tbilisi and Saint Petersburg. I’m happy to be able to help the 100 LIVES initiative by promoting its mission and values through art,” she said. 

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PHOTO: Marine Ales' concerts in Gyumri and Tbilisi