A Message from the Founders of the Aurora Prize

A Message from the Founders of the Aurora Prize


It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of Elie Wiesel 



Dr. Wiesel was a man of faith, wisdom, compassion and strength. He embodied the very best of humanity, and his lifelong mission of peace and understanding, despite the horrors he faced, served as an inspiration to the world.  He lived his life by his belief that there is no such thing as neutrality, indifference, looking-on, when atrocities happen, when people suffer, when mankind’s humanity is under attack. 

As descendants of survivors of the Armenian Genocide, we found his message and friendship personally meaningful. Dr. Wiesel was a strong advocate for Armenians and had the courage to recognize the 1915 Genocide of Armenians as a part of a chain of human suffering -- man's inhumanity to man.

We respected and appreciated his leading by experience, and welcomed his intellectual and passionate input into the development of the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity.  He was indeed one who lived his life speaking and acting as a call to awakening the humanity in all of us.  It was an honor to work with him.

On behalf of The Aurora Prize, we offer our prayers and support to Dr. Wiesel's wife and family, to the international community of humanitarians, and to all who were touched by his work. Forever will he live on in our hearts and history books. Forever will he inspire.