Larry Gagosian, World’s Most Powerful Art Dealer

Larry Gagosian, World’s Most Powerful Art Dealer

"The sun never sets on my gallery.”

Who he is

Larry Gagosian is the man behind the world-famous Gagosian Galleries, a network of showrooms in art capitals around the world. He is known as the top art dealer in the world, managing dozens of renowned contemporary artists, like Jeff Koons, and the estates of artists like Pablo Picasso. The annual revenue of his worldwide galleries hovers around $1 billion. 

A Los Angeles native of humble origins, he opened his first art gallery at the age of 35 in his hometown, but soon expanded to New York City. Over the years, his immense drive and sharp eye have helped him conquer the art world. Today, the artists he decides to sign often experience “the Gagosian Effect:” the value of their art increases by up to 100 times.  

Besides representing great artists Gagosian also maintains a list of high-profile clients who entrust him with their art purchases. Among them are billionaires Eli Broad, co-founder of KB Home and SunAmerica, and S.I. Newhouse, the co-owner of Conde Nast Publications. 

Interesting fact

Gagosian got his start in the art-dealing business by selling cheap posters near UCLA, his alma mater.  

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