KENNETH KHACHIGIAN, speechwriter and political activist

KENNETH KHACHIGIAN, speechwriter and political activist

Ken Khachigian, known as the “Lion of California GOP [Republican Party] Politics,” is a political strategist who has served as an adviser on nine presidential campaigns. Most notably he served as President Ronald Reagan’s speechwriter. 


He was born in Visalia, California, to parents who escaped the Armenian Genocide and fled to the United States.

Claim to fame

As President Reagan’s speechwriter, Khachigian wrote his first inaugural address and welcome address to the hostages freed after the crisis in Iran. He was also portrayed in the 2008 movie “Frost/Nixon.”

What he said

“When President Reagan put pen to paper – and then voice to his words – I became convinced he could see and hear them through the eyes and ears of his audience.”

“The point here is to move forward, to get the debate moving from fault and blame to solutions.”

What others said

“…the master strategist…” – Los Angeles Times