Huda Al-Sarari

Huda Al-Sarari

Huda Al-Sarari provides legal support to victims of human rights abuses in war-ravaged Yemen through her organization Defense for Rights and Freedoms. She has always been passionate about fighting for human rights, justice and equality and dedicated almost 10 years of her life to human rights activism, collaborating with well-respected institutions like the Adala Foundation for Rights and Freedoms and the National Committee to Investigate Allegations of Human Rights Violations.

In 2017, she played a key role in investigating and exposing a network of secret prisons in Yemen where detainees were being tortured and abused. She also managed to turn the attention of the international community to this issue and secured the release of more than 260 unlawfully detained individuals.

She is a member of the Yemeni Women’s Union, which promotes women's civil rights, offers legal support for women and protects the rights of female prisoners. Beyond fighting for them, her mission is much grander. She wants to see the rule of law in Yemen.

In 2020 Huda was awarded the Martin Ennals Award for human rights defenders.