Hovannes Adamian, Pioneer of Color Television

Hovannes Adamian, Pioneer of Color Television

Who he was

Hovhannes Adamian developed the technology that laid the groundwork for the invention of color television. A prolific engineer and inventor, he filed for and secured several patents during his lifetime. 

Born in Baku, Azerbaijan, Adamian moved to Europe to continue his education in France, Switzerland and Germany. There, he studied to be an engineer and later began working on his inventions. 

Adamian’s main contribution to the development of color television technology was his tricolor principle. He started a project to create a color television called Herates and received patents for it, but despite his efforts he did not get as far. Although his research did not produce a working prototype, the principle he developed was eventually used to create the color television, first shown in London in 1928. 

Although originally buried in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg, Russia), he was exhumed and reinterred in Yerevan’s Pantheon of famous Armenians. 

Interesting fact

Adamian held patents for his tricolor technology in Germany, Russia, France and Britain. 

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