Henri Verneuil, Film Director

Henri Verneuil, Film Director

“Forty-seven years in cinema: it was a wonderful adventure and I’m grateful to all the people with whom I worked who made it a success.”

Who he was

Born Ashot (Achod) Malakian in Turkey in 1920, Henri Verneuil was an acclaimed French film director. He was nominated for a Palme d’Or at Cannes as well as an Academy Award. He was awarded the latter’s equivalent in France, a Cesar, for his life’s works. 

Verneuil worked with some of his era’s greatest actors, including Anthony Quinn, Yul Brynner, Henry Fonda, Jean Gabin and Charles Bronson. He ended his career directing “Mayrig,” with world-renowned actor Omar Sharif, and “588 Rue Paradis.” Both reflected his childhood and the former came to be known as the best full-length feature film dealing with the Armenian Genocide. 

Interesting fact

Rodosto was the name of the city of his birth when he was born in Turkey. After his parents fled persecution, the Turkish Republic was established and the city was renamed Tekirdag. The city is on the European part of the Turkish landmass.  

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