Haifa Dia Al-Attia

Haifa Dia Al-Attia

Haifa Dia Al-Attia is a leader in education and the not-for-profit sector in Jordan and on both the regional and international levels.

Currently a Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative fellow, she has worked on national educational reform projects and strategies, as Deputy Director of the Office of the then Crown Prince, as VP of the Council of Foundation of the International Baccalaureate Organization, with the Aga Khan Academies, as VP for Regional Expansion at Luminus Education and as CEO of the Queen Rania Foundation.  Her work has always focused on providing wider access to high quality education, on evidence-based policy making and on creating impact through innovative tech-led programs that respond to the needs of local and refugee populations in the Middle East, including Edraak, QRF’s Massive Open Online Courses platform. 

Haifa has also been serving on the Steering Committee of the Paris Peace Forum since its inception in 2018.  She served on the Global Board of the International Women’s Forum in Washington DC and chaired the boards of the Jordan Education Initiative and the Queen Rania Teacher Academy.