Funds Raised at the Christmas Market to Help Displaced People

Funds Raised at the Christmas Market to Help Displaced People

The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative and UN Armenia have announced that all proceeds from the organizations’ Christmas Market, around $25,000, will be directed to the projects helping displaced people in Armenia. The event took place in Yerevan on December 12, 2021, and was held in partnership with the Tovmasyan Charity Foundation.

Over 80 vendors participated in the Christmas Market, with more than half of them representing Armenian NGOs, including the UN agencies’ and Aurora’s beneficiaries. More than 1,000 people attended the event where a variety of Armenian products were sold to raise funds for humanitarian programs while celebrating the spirit of giving back.



The Christmas Market included a charity Gift-Sharing Program that anybody could participate in. A range of exciting gifts awaited the lucky ones, and after coupons were drawn, some guests found out on the spot that they were to receive one of the over 30 coveted gifts provided by the organizers and partners of the Market. 

Many participants have chosen to donate their presents to the Zinvori Tun (“Soldier Home”) Rehabilitation Center, so Armenian soldiers may get a lovely surprise in time for the winter holidays. When it came to the two main gifts, Ms. Roza Navoyan received an exclusive invitation to the 2022 Aurora Prize Ceremony – wherever it may take place – while Mr. Seryozha Tsatryan, one of the soldiers mentioned above, will have a chance to attend the high-level ceremony dedicated to UN’s 30th anniversary in Armenia. 

UN Armenia will allocate the raised funds to the humanitarian and development projects in Armenia. 

The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative will use the money to ensure food security for displaced people from Nagorno-Karabakh. The project will be implemented in partnership with the Azhdahak Social and Environmental Center NGO (Gavar, Armenia) in rural Armenian communities currently hosting them. Socially vulnerable families will be provided with food (potatoes, cabbage, cheese, etc.) for consumption during the winter season. In addition, those interested in cultivating potatoes will be given seeds originating from the Gavar region, famous for its high-quality potato crops. This initiative is expected to benefit over 3,200 people.

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