EDUARDO EURNEKIAN, businessman and investor

EDUARDO EURNEKIAN, businessman and investor

Eduardo Eurnekian is an Argentinian-Armenian businessman and one of the wealthiest individuals in South America. His Corporación América is a conglomerate involved in several industries including airports, agribusiness, energy and infrastructure.


His parents were Armenian immigrants to Argentina, where he was born and raised. 

Claim to fame 

As the second richest person in Argentina, Eurnekian has led different industries in that country through socioeconomic development and market cycles. Corporación América’s latest initiative has been to create a highway passage through the Andes Mountains. He has also been instrumental in making Yerevan’s airport, Zvartnots, a world-class facility and has since been working to revive Armenia’s ancient wine industry.

What he said

“…young people crave to follow role models.”

What others said

“Eduardo Eurnekian is a formidable role model. His vision goes far beyond the limits of the business scope. We must imitate him. He is a light that guides us.” – Baruch Tenenbaum, founder of the Raoul Wallenberg Foundation.