Chinomnso Traffina Ibe – Modern Day Hero

Chinomnso Traffina Ibe – Modern Day Hero

Chinomnso Traffina Ibe is a Nigerian nurse, midwife, and maternal and child health advocate. She provides health services to pregnant mothers and children in poor rural communities. Chinomnso created the Traffina Foundation for Community Health which produces and distributes free clean-delivery and newborn kits. Chinomnso has already gave away 7,500 free birth kits. The activist plans to set up regional offices of the Traffina Foundation in each part of Nigeria. 

The mission of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is to recognize and celebrate courageous individuals all over the world lending a helping hand to those in need, often with no regard to their own safety and well-being. We are honored to shed light on extraordinary human rights defenders, medical workers, activists, humanitarians, and other brave modern-day heroes who give humanity hope for a brighter future and to raise global awareness of their daily work. This is especially crucial in times like these when solidarity is needed more than ever to alleviate human suffering.

Photo: Ndidi Chukwu