Charlie Papazian, Pioneer of the Home-Brewing and Craft Beer Movement

Charlie Papazian, Pioneer of the Home-Brewing and Craft Beer Movement

“Charlie Papazian is the father of American home-brewing, and he continues to be important to home-brewers and the brewing industry today.” — Jamey Barlow, brewer

Who he is

Charlie Papazian is the author of “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing,” a book that inspired nationwide interest in home-brewed beers in the United States, ultimately leading to the craft beer revolution. 

Papazian grew up in New Jersey, but later moved to Colorado where he started home-brewing. It was there that he wrote his famous book. First published in 1984, the book went through several editions. Its impact was felt decades later when craft beer brewers, many of whom had started in their garages using Papazian’s book, began entering the market. Today, craft breweries have completely changed the landscape of the American beer industry and many trace their origins to Papazian and his book.

Besides inspiring millions through his seminal work, Papazian also founded The Brewers Association, an organization created to help promote craft brewing. He also co-founded the Great American Beer Festival, the United States’ largest beer festival.

Papazian continues to be involved in the brewing world. He has written several more books and keeps publishing articles, including for a magazine he founded for brewers called Zymurgy. 

Interesting fact

Papazian is known for a catchphrase that he often repeats and that appears in his books: “Relax. Don’t worry. Have a homebrew.”

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