The Aurora prize

Natalie Aroyan

Opera singer Natalie Aroyan is one of Australia’s finest sopranos. Though she leads a life of global travel and stage success, she remains acutely aware of her Armenian roots. She marked the centennial of the Armenian Genocide by writing and performing a new stage production, “An Armenian Journey,” at the Sydney Concert Hall.
Australian opera singer at home half a world away

Henry Morgenthau

Henry Morgenthau was a man with the courage to stand alone. As the US Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, appointed by President Wilson in 1913, Morgenthau found himself confronting a tide of reports detailing wholesale massacre across the Ottoman Empire.
Henry Morgenthau was a man with the courage to stand alone

Marianna Pogosyan

There is an inescapable spell of grief in the narratives of most Armenians who lived at the dawn of the 20th century. Every family, it seems, has a haunting story of loss. Everyone has a great-grandfather who had stared death in its callous jaws. Everyone has a great-grandmother who had buried a husband, a brother, a child, while resolving to survive with fierce dignity for the sake of the living. My family is no different.
Daughter of Armenia’s first ambassador to Japan on her family’s journey east of Ararat toward Fuji


Noubar Afeyan, the Co-Founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, presented the concept of "Global Armenians" at the 3 day events dedicated to the 110th Anniversary of the Armenian General Benevolent Union in New York. The presentation was made on October 28, during the panel “Becoming Global Armenians: The Way Forward.” Mr.


The Future for All Armenians Is Now

Historic Opportunity for Armenians to Unite and Together Enable Armenia’s Future

This weekend, the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), one of the oldest non-profit organizations in the U.S. and the world’s largest Armenian organization, celebrates its 110th anniversary in New York City. Underscoring this milestone is the extraordinary opportunity to reshape the future of Armenia, and to reflect on how every one of us can contribute toward a stronger Armenia tomorrow.


Vartan Melkonian

Abbey Road studios in central London has seen concerts and recordings aplenty since it was immortalized by The Beatles in 1969. But there has never been anything quite like the event that took place in April 2014.
The refugee who became the great conductor

Marc Nichanian

Marc Nichanian has been a philosopher for 30 years. He writes in French, the language of his school years, in Armenian, which he had to learn all over again with great difficulty, and in English, which he picked up in the United States. Marc specializes in Germanic studies but considers himself primarily a “wandering teacher:” he has lectured on the Armenian language and literature in Paris, Vienna, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, New York, Beirut and, most recently, Istanbul.
French philosopher and author of “The Historiographic Perversion”

Anna Mazmanian

Anna Mazmanian, a blogger, cook and founder of the Food Adventures culinary project dedicates all of her time to the study and revival of her homeland’s cuisine because her family’s history is directly tied to Armenian culture and the events of the distant past.
A guardian of the hearth: “Their food helped Armenians survive”

Armenians in Chile

A sweeping journey across Latin America takes us over the Andes mountain range to Chile. The southwestern lands of South America, called “Chili” by its native people, became home to many immigrants beginning in the late 19th century, and Armenians were no exception. 

One Man’s Vision: David Yan

David Yan is a man of many talents and unparalleled energy. Born in Yerevan in1968 to an Armenian mother and a Chinese father, in his lifetime he has already built a global high-tech empire (ABBYY), developed the first pocket computer for young people (Cybiko), created a new-generation management system for restaurants and hospitality services (iiko) and a mobile payments system (Platius), opened an art café and four other venues in Moscow, launched an educational foundation (Ayb), published a book (“Now I Eat All I Want!”), designed a home for his family, earned a Ph.D.

Highway to Heaven

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. But on the road from Yerevan to the Tatev Monastery in the Syunik Province of southeastern Armenia, every step makes the journey worth the while. Tatev is one of Armenia’s most captivating landmarks.







“It’s time to show the power of what we feel.”