Aurora for Artsakh: Impact

Aurora for Artsakh: Impact

In September 2020, a large-scale armed attack was unleashed against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). The outburst of armed conflict in the region has affected thousands of people, many of whom were forced to flee their homes. After the war broke out, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative launched the Aurora for Artsakh program to assist and implement the projects providing urgent humanitarian aid to the local population. The displaced persons were given food, shelter, and warm clothes, as well as kits with essentials and vital medication.

Today, the program assists the initiatives that support and facilitate the region’s long-term social development, as well as address the healthcare issues aggravated by the war. The Aurora for Artsakh program also includes bringing the world humanitarian leaders to the region to find new opportunities to help the local people, to support Artsakh’s international standing, and to ensure effective solutions on the ground.

Since the launch of the humanitarian program for Artsakh, Aurora has allocated more than US $2,200,000 to support 94 projects in Artsakh implemented by 65 local and international partners and helped 131,000 people in the region.