Aurora Continues Helping People of Artsakh: Fourteen Projects with a Total Budget of More Than $110,000 Already Confirmed

Aurora Continues Helping People of Artsakh: Fourteen Projects with a Total Budget of More Than $110,000 Already Confirmed

The global Aurora Humanitarian Initiative continues implementing the humanitarian assistance program for the people of Artsakh affected by the war. At this stage, 14 projects with a total budget of $116,600 have already been confirmed. Humanitarian assistance proposals can be submitted to Aurora at [email protected].

The program was launched on November 18. The selection and support criteria for the projects are currently being revised and will be made public on Monday, November 23. On November 24, a preliminary report on the implementation of the confirmed projects will be presented; and on November 25, next projects to be supported will be announced.

The updated list of confirmed projects as of November 20 can be found below:

Urgent humanitarian aid to families and children

  1. Providing urgent humanitarian assistance to the population of 7 villages in Martakert Province (Nor Maraga, Nor Aygestan, Nor Seysulan, Nor Karmravan, Nor Haykajur, Nor Jraberd, Hovtashen) – $10,000
  2. Providing 1,000 bedding sets to the temporarily displaced people from Artsakh relocated to Armenia – $12,000
  3. Making 500 warm jackets for the people of Artsakh at the Stepanakert Clothing Factory – $12,000
  4. Humanitarian aid program assistance for 600 residents of Artsakh affected by the war (in cooperation with the Bari Mama Foundation) – $10,000
  5. Purchasing 200 heaters for temporarily displaced Artsakh families – $2,800

Healthcare services

  1. Contributing to the acquisition of ambulances for Artsakh (in cooperation with the Support Our Heroes Foundation) – $20,000
  2. Purchasing vital medication for senior citizens residing in Artsakh (in cooperation with the Miasin Foundation) – $2,000
  3. Purchasing 55 folding beds for the forcibly displaced people from Artsakh (in cooperation with the VIVA Foundation) – $3,000

Restoration; equipment

  1. Contributing to the fitting out of temporary shelters in Stepanakert for the displaced people from Artsakh – $10,000
  2. Assisting the Stepanakert City Administration in restoring local civil infrastructure – $10,000


  1. Contributing to providing meals for 166 people currently housed in Sevan, Dilijan, Yerevan for 15 days (in cooperation with the Victory-2020 Foundation) – $10,000
  2. Contributing to providing meals for 65 children and adults from Artsakh currently housed in the “Holy Mother of Armenia” Catholic Center (Gyumri) for 30 days – $9,750
  3. Purchasing essentials for 200 Artsakh families temporarily relocated to Armenia (in cooperation with the “House of Hope” Foundation) – $3,000
  4. Providing 50 kits with essentials to the children forced to relocate from Artsakh to Armenia (in cooperation with Global Shapers) – $2,050.