Andranik “Andy” Madadian, International Pop Superstar

Andranik “Andy” Madadian, International Pop Superstar

“I’m an Armenian born in Iran, so those flavors are in my blood. But unlike the average Iranian Armenian, I grew up with a love of American music, British music, Rod Stewart, Chicago, Ray Charles, Deep Purple.”

Who he is

Andranik Madadian, known as Andy, is among the most famous singers of Persian pop music. He has alternatively been referred to as the “Prince of Persia,” the “Elvis of Persia” and Iran’s “King of Pop.” 

Born in Tehran, Iran, Andy grew up in an Armenian household. He developed as a musician and entertainer under the tutelage of a famous Iranian producer and eventually made a name for himself in the country. However, during the Islamic Revolution, it became impossible for him to stay in his native country and he emigrated to the United States, where he settled in Los Angeles. 

Over the years, he cultivated a massive fan-base in Iran and in the extensive Iranian diaspora. Ironically, his music is banned in Iran - but that hasn’t stopped fans from bootlegging his records and distributing millions of underground copies.

Andy’s fusion style incorporates Armenian, Persian, Arabic and Western influences. His readiness to work with a variety of sounds has also led him to collaborate with a number of his contemporaries, including Jon Bon Jovi. His popularity beyond his traditional fan-base resulted in performances like the one during a Chelsea vs. Inter Milan soccer match at the Rose Bowl. He has also appeared in several films, including “The House of Sand and Fog” starring Ben Kingsley. 

Interesting fact

Andy was once a professional soccer player.

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