ALEX MANOOGIAN, businessman, inventor, philanthropist

ALEX MANOOGIAN, businessman, inventor, philanthropist

Alex Manoogian, the inventor of the Delta faucet, was the epitome of the American Dream. He traveled to the country as a poor refugee and through his dogged commitment to hard work, he became fabulously successful. 


He was born in Smyrna (modern-day Izmir) in the Ottoman Empire in 1901. Fleeing the Armenian Genocide, he escaped and immigrated to the United States as a refugee. 

Claim to fame 

He invented the Delta faucet, the first commercially successful single-handled faucet design. A rampant philanthropist, Manoogian donated millions of dollars to benevolent endeavors, including many that involved the worldwide Armenian community. He also notably donated his home to the City of Detroit, where the Manoogian Mansion now serves as the residence of the city’s mayor. 

What he said

“Do not be satisfied with average performance. Strive for excellence.”

What others said

“Mr. Manoogian…was widely regarded as one of the most prominent persons of Armenian descent in the world.” – New York Times

Noteworthy work


Delta Faucet Company