ALBERT BOGHOSSIAN, high-end jeweler, businessman, philanthropist

ALBERT BOGHOSSIAN, high-end jeweler, businessman, philanthropist

Albert Boghossian is the heir to a legacy of craftsmanship in jewelry. His approach to jewelry is more that of an artist than of a businessman, although he has achieved success in both. His success has led him and his family to become the benefactors of many philanthropic projects through their Boghossian Foundation, including many in Armenia. 


Born in Lebanon, Boghossian moved with his family to Western Europe, first to Belgium, then to Switzerland, during the Lebanese civil war. 

Claim to fame 

Boghossian is the purveyor of high-end jewelry masterpieces through his company, Bogh-Art. He and his family have perfected a style of jewelry called “inlay,” where semi-precious stones are inlaid on precious stones. 

What he said

“We want to make our jewelry unconventional.”

“There is whole bunch of work that has been done before us. But we just want to push it further. We don’t want to be static. We want to stretch the boundaries a bit more and that’s what we are doing.”

What others said

“A virtuoso of gems…” – Vogue France

“Every piece of Bogh-Art [Boghossian’s company] is underscored by a central idea: The liberation of each gem’s unique beauty.” – Hong Kong Tatler

“…One can’t help but think Albert Boghossian has not only mastered the ‘Art of Boghossian,’ but also, quite possibly, the art of life.” – Swiss Style Magazine