2019 UWCD Graduation Ceremony

2019 UWCD Graduation Ceremony

Aurora Gratitude Scholarships are given to at-risk youth from the Greater Middle East and North Africa who have been affected by conflict, displacement and poverty.

103 students from 56 countries graduated from the UWC Dilijan on June 1, 2019, with four Aurora Gratitude Scholarships recipients being among them. To date, 62 students have received Aurora Gratitude Scholarships; 34 of them study within the UWC network.

Aido Khiro Omar, 2017 Aurora Gratitude Scholarship Fellow, Iraq: “These two years have had a really huge impact on my life, and I think they will actually change my life for better. The community here literally gives you a chance to be yourself and not somebody else, because all the roles are already taken, so you only can be yourself.”

Sophia Dragoti, 2017 Aurora Gratitude Scholarship Fellow, Greece: “Having the opportunity to live with other people from completely different corners of the world is kind of impossible in the future. So, I think this is the thing that I’m going to miss the most.”