Leonid Roshal: “The foundation of our team was laid in Armenia”

Leonid Roshal is a world-famous pediatric surgeon from Russia. Together with his team of physicians he is on call anywhere, anytime, helping children injured in natural disasters, terrorist attacks or military conflicts.
Renowned pediatric surgeon answers calls for help on Twitter

Chris Catrambone: “Nobody deserves to die at sea”

The least that can be said about the Port Charles, Louisiana native Christopher Catrambone is that he is original and dedicated. After graduating from McNeese State University he undertook a wide spectrum of activities, like running a steamboat restaurant in the Virgin Islands, managing a political campaign in Louisiana and working at the U. S. Congress in Washington, DC.
Self-made millionaire turned rescuer sets new standard in humanitarianism

Noubar Afeyan

Survive and thrive could be Afeyan’s motto for life. “Armenians have one thing in common. We’re super-survivors,” says Noubar Afeyan. “We’re descendants of those who adapted and overcame seemingly impossible odds during the Genocide.”
Survive and thrive could be Afeyan’s motto for life
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