Nominations Now Open for the 2020 Aurora Prize

As the world awaits the announcement of the 2019 Aurora Prize Laureate, nominations open for the 2020 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity. This global annual award, launched by the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, seeks to identify and support modern day heroes who do the difficult life-saving humanitarian work on the ground, in many dangerous places around the world.


2019 Aurora Humanitarians

The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity recognizes three extraordinary humanitarians for their noble commitment to liberating women from ISIS captivity, challenging a network of secret prisons in Yemen and negotiating the release of kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria.


Vartan Gregorian Scholarship

Grants awarded to Anna Aleksanyan and Arman Khachatryan, early-career scholars

Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is proud to announce that two young scholars – Anna Aleksanyan and Arman Khachatryan – are the first recipients of the new Vartan Gregorian Scholarship (Research Grants) Program.


2019 Young Aurora

Aurora Humanitarian Project will provide UWC students with an opportunity to help address critical humanitarian issues.



The Aurora Forum is proud to announce that 111 influencers from political, academic, entertainment, and business sectors around the world have joined the Aurora Forum as Goodwill Ambassadors, showing their dedication to tackling some of our time’s and future generation’s most pressing global challenges. 

Aurora Forum Co-Founders Noubar Afeyan, Vartan Gregorian, and Ruben Vardanyan welcome the Goodwill Ambassadors as luminaries of Aurora’s vision to promote innovative and effective approaches to advancing positive social change in Armenia and beyond.               


From Surviving to Thriving

By Noubar Afeyan

A little over a century ago, the people of Armenia fell victim to the first genocide in the 20th century at the hands of the Ottoman Empire.  An estimated 1.5 million people were systematically extinguished and thanks largely to the kind acts of others from a variety of nationalities, religions and ethnic groups the remaining 300,000 Armenians escaped annihilation.  


International Community Called Upon to Implement R2P

UN representatives, statesmen and prosecutors, NGOs and local heroes gathered at the MSC side event “Neglect 2 Protect: R2P revisited” that took place on February 15 under the aegis of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative. Facilitated by international talk-show host Ali Aslan, the event served as a platform to discuss how to implement the principle of responsibility to protect (R2P) in preventing and reacting to genocides, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Noubar Afeyan: “Our overriding ambition is to show gratitude to the saviors’’

On April 12, 2019, the ceremony dedicated to the 104th Anniversary Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide event took place at the Massachusetts State House. Distinguished officials, representatives of the local church clergy and students from an Armenian school gathered together to pay respect to the victims of 1915 tragedy and honor their descendants. Dr. Noubar Afeyan, Founder and CEO of Flagship Pioneering and Co-Founder of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, was the keynote speaker.



“The Aurora Forum is based on our belief that global Armenians and all global citizens who aspire to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges can do so by embracing the best in humanitarian, educational and technological practices to make lasting advances in social, cultural and scientific spheres,” said Noubar Afeyan, Co-Founder of the Aurora Forum. “We are thankful to the ambassadors from around the world who have already joined to make this initiative a success.”


Aurora Will Help Matenadaran Present Armenian Cultural Centers Across the World

Aurora Humanitarian Initiative continues to support the Matenadaran, Armenia’s national repository of ancient manuscripts, with a new grant of $20,000. With these funds, the Matenadaran will commission the preparation and design of an interactive table-map of Armenian Scriptoria.


Armenia to Host an International Forum in October 2019

The first Aurora Forum will take place in Yerevan, Armenia on October 14-21, 2019. The Forum will bring together the world’s leading authorities on social, scientific-technological, educational, and humanitarian innovation, marking the first program of its kind in the region.

The weeklong series of activities will provide an opportunity for thought leaders to compare best practices, lessons learned and, in some cases, disruptive thinking around issues ranging from infrastructure challenges to healthcare breakthroughs to women’s empowerment.


2018 Aurora Dialogues Berlin

Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Issues Call to Action to Fill the “Humanitarian Void” At Global Forum

Global humanitarian activists and organizations gathered at the Aurora Dialogues in Berlin on 11-12 December, to discuss and identify solutions to some of the world’s most prevalent humanitarian challenges. The event titled, “Humanity in a Fragile World – Partnering for Change” focused on discussions about the on-going refugee crisis, displacement and migration, conflict scenarios and the growing trend of populism.


Surgeon and Missionary Dr. Tom Catena Announced as Chair of Aurora Humanitarian Initiative

The Co-Founders of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative have announced Dr. Tom Catena, an American physician and Catholic missionary from Amsterdam, New York has joined the organisation as Chair.


Two Members Join Selection Committee

The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative has announced additions to the 2019 Selection Committee for the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity.  

During the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative’s Chronicle of Compassion event in Moscow, co-founder Ruben Vardanyan announced two new additions to the prestigious Selection Committee for the Aurora Prize. Joining the Committee are celebrated human rights advocate and campaigner John Prendergast as well as famed Moscow based conductor and patron of the arts, Valery Gergiev.


11 Aurora Scholarships Recipients

Aurora Humanitarian Initiative puts Gratitude into Action by Offering Scholarships to Children of Conflict