The Stories of the People Close to Us

Andreea Tănase is an independent photo journalist from Romania with more than 10 years of experience. Over the course of her professional career she has addressed various topics and explored Romanian life and culture. Tănase has worked for top newspapers and collaborated with major magazines and photo agencies in the country and abroad.


Bird’s Eye View

Harsh winters are rare in Yerevan, and any snow that falls usually melts away quickly. But on those few days when temperatures fall below zero and snow blankets the city, Yerevan turns into a magical set for a winter fairytale. Do enjoy these aerial images of Armenia’s winter wonderland! 


The Photographic Eye of the Beholder

Documentary photography often calls people's attention to issues that tend to get swept under the rug, avoided or purposefully forgotten. Time and again, photographers appeal to our conscience to help nudge us out of shells and comfort zones and into unedited reality.


Voices from the Middle Ages

The Armenian miniatures are examples of the Armenian national art of miniature painting from the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia and some Armenian colonies. Armenian book miniatures, some examples of which date back to the 6th century, are especially known for their vibrant colors and stylistic diversity. Armenian miniatures are also characterized by exquisite patterns and ornaments. Besides their artistic and historical value, they are a priceless source of information for scholars of Armenian music, theater, ethnography, crafts, agriculture and the history of flora and fauna.



Highway to Heaven

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. But on the road from Yerevan to the Tatev Monastery in the Syunik Province of southeastern Armenia, every step makes the journey worth the while. Tatev is one of Armenia’s most captivating landmarks.

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