The Stories of the People Close to Us

Andreea Tănase is an independent photo journalist from Romania with more than 10 years of experience. Over the course of her professional career she has addressed various topics and explored Romanian life and culture. Tănase has worked for top newspapers and collaborated with major magazines and photo agencies in the country and abroad.


The Photographic Eye of the Beholder

Documentary photography often calls people's attention to issues that tend to get swept under the rug, avoided or purposefully forgotten. Time and again, photographers appeal to our conscience to help nudge us out of shells and comfort zones and into unedited reality.


Armenians in Chile

A sweeping journey across Latin America takes us over the Andes mountain range to Chile. The southwestern lands of South America, called “Chili” by its native people, became home to many immigrants beginning in the late 19th century, and Armenians were no exception. 

An Armenian Trace in Singapore

Singapore’s Raffles Hotel has became famous the world over thanks to four Armenian entrepreneurs: brothers Martin, Tigran, Aviet and Arshak Sarkies, who were able to provide rich Europeans traveling to Asia with familiar comforts amidst the exuberance of Equatorial jungle.


7 Spots You’ll Be Surprised to Find Armenians

The thing you least expect to see as you casually stroll down the street somewhere in Sudan or India is a beautiful Armenian church. And yet the chance of stumbling upon one is astonishingly high! Here's how that happened. 


Infographic: Where Did Everybody Go?

There are more people in the Armenian Diaspora than in Armenia itself. At least twice as many, actually. Where did everybody go?
Infographic too small? Click the image below for a high-res version!

5 Modern Armenian Artists to Watch

Passion and nostalgia thrown together make for a highly flammable mix, oftentimes resulting in enchanting creativity. After all, you can take an Armenian out of Armenia, but you can’t take Armenia out of an Armenian. This means that everywhere in the world you’ll find this country’s talented sons and daughters pouring their souls into art. Here are just a few gems we’ve discovered, and we’ll keep adding more.

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