Israel Ori, Early Leader of Armenian Liberation Movement

“…He entered Armenian history as the indefatigable individual who wandered around the world with a vision and plan to liberate Armenia.” — Razmik Panossian
Who he was
Israel Ori was a dedicated proponent of the liberation of Armenians from Ottoman and Persian rule. He spent the better part of his life vigorously lobbying European powers, albeit unsuccessfully, to support the independence of Armenians in their homeland. 
Born in 1658 in Syunik in southern Armenia, Ori came from a noble family. He traveled through Europe, approaching various leaders to ask for their help in securing the independence of Armenia. He approached the Catholic Pope, a German prince, Emperor Leopold of Austria, advisers to Louis XIV in France and Peter the Great of Russia in pursuit of his goal.
Although Ori died before achieving his objective, his relentless devotion to the cause of Armenia’s liberation preceded many national independence movements that followed in the coming centuries, including that for a free Armenia. 
Interesting fact
Ori fought in the army of Louis XIV and was a prisoner of war; he was eventually released. 
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