First Aurora Humanitarian Aid Projects for Artsakh Announced

First Aurora Humanitarian Aid Projects for Artsakh Announced

The global Aurora Humanitarian Initiative’s direct assistance project for the people of Artsakh started today, on November 18, 2020. The following projects were announced as the first to be selected:

1. Assisting in the emergency evacuation of the population of 7 villages in Martakert Province (Nor Maraga, Nor Аygestan, Nor Seysulan, Nor Karmiravan, Nor Haykajur, Nor Jraberd, Hovtashen) –$10,000

2. Contributing to providing meals for 166 people housed in Sevan, Dilijan, Yerevan for 15 days (in cooperation with the Victory-2020 Foundation) – $10,000

3. Assisting the Stepanakert City Administration in restoring the Central Market – $10, 000

4. Providing 50 kits with essentials to the children forced to relocate from Artsakh to Armenia (Ararat Region, in cooperation with Global Shapers) – $2,050 

5. Purchasing vital medication for senior citizens residing in Artsakh (in cooperation with the Miasin Foundation) – $2,000

In addition, Aurora has started accepting for review proposals focused on helping the children affected by the war, displaced families, and wounded people - both in Artsakh and Armenian territories. Proposals should be submitted to [email protected].

Photo: Areg Balayan